I always have an incredible experience with GDI.  The staff is incredibly responsive, efficient and professional. 
GDI reviews my submission (print online) and makes sure it prints in high quality.  GDI is an asset to my business.  
- Ann Roeder, Coldwell Banker Burnet



After over three decades in the greeting card business , no other printer has exceeded GDI’s quality, consistency, efficiency and service. GDI is exceptional!   
- Lori Preusch, Dandelion Press



We received the cards today – AND THEY LOOK PERFECT!  THANK YOU again for the extra effort – the corporate owners are THRILLED!  
- J&B Pallets



I have been printing my greeting card line, SNAFU Designs, with GDI for over 6 years and can highly recommend the company based on the service they have provided to my business during that time. The quality of the finished product they deliver every time is top notch and their attention to detail and turnaround time is great. The people working there seem to really care. Maybe that comes from the company being located in a smaller city. Over the years, I have been using GDI for more and more of my company's printing needs and I don't foresee that trend changing. I highly recommend GDI.  
- Scott Austin, Snafu Greeting Cards



The Graphic Design and St. Paul’s Monastery working relationship dates back decades. The Monastery produces 18- 20 mailings and programs per year. Our projects vary in complexity and include: Event invitations, appeals, funeral programs, greeting cards, liturgy guides, and a twice-yearly magazine. 
On each project, they closely monitor and help us with all aspects of it, such as technical and artistic layout and production details, staying within budget and cost savings, cleaning up mailing lists, and mailing the project. Though it isn’t their responsibility to proofread our projects, they have also noticed a few proofreading/design issues that we missed. Last year, we worked with them on an unusual project for a 10-foot banner to hang on our building. They presented mock-ups that allowed us to envision the 10-foot version and they produced the banner with durable inks and other materials to stand up to exterior wind, weather and temperatures.
Their attention to detail, meeting deadlines, correcting addresses or other issues, and consistently professional helpfulness to produce the best version of whatever project we are working on is simply exceptional. They are always there in the details. 
- St. Paul’s Monastery



GDI has been both courteous and timely in response to my publishing needs for three books. They delivered high quality products, from a first-rate cover,
to a poster board marketing tool, to the bound book itself. I highly recommend their services to other authors.   
- Dr. Steven Henkel, Professor of Physical Education