Privacy Policy

We provide communication services, both paper and electronic, for the customers we serve and place the utmost importance on the privacy of our customers and their data. All data we receive is driven by customer need and is used only in the manner specified by the customer. We handle and process all data in a manner that is fair and lawful.

We are not, nor do we act as, a list compiler and we do not collect any personal information for re-sell. Under no circumstances will we re-sell customer data and we do not distribute customer data to any third party unless specifically requested by the owners of those lists.

Client Data:
We maintain a high level of security, both physical and electronic, for all client data and material we handle.

All material created or received on behalf of our customers is inventoried and stored in our warehouse until it is delivered, returned to customer or destroyed.

We restrict customer data access to appropriate employees, determined by our management staff. We store data on a secure network with access to the network limited by an access controlled environment. After processing data, we maintain files securely for a maximum period of two years, unless specified otherwise by our customers.

We offer secure transfer methods for all customer data and encourage the use of secure file transfer.

We request to receive personal information only as it relates to specific client job requirements and, based on client request, may update address information only (per the United States Post Office).

We do not collect personally identifiable information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide that information. For information you provide, in the form of quote requests or information requests, we may add your information to our internal database to use for marketing purposes. If you prefer not to receive marketing communication from us, please send an email to with your request.

Our website may contain links to other sites. GDI is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites and we recommend that users read the privacy statements of each website.

Notification of changes to our privacy policy:
We update our privacy policy from time to time. When a change occurs to our privacy policy, we will post the updated policy on our website.